Saturday, December 5, 2009


It's been a while since I've posted so I thought I'd answer some e-mails that we've gotten over the last little while as an update.

Tamara's Husband,
Nice article in Mormon Times. I learned so much about your heritage. Care to elaborate?
C Hardie
PS, Nice pic.

We thought it was cool that they wanted to do an interview, but it didn't turn out how we imagined. The only time stress came up in the interview was when she asked Tamara, "Has it been stressful?" and Tamara answered, "Sure." So we were surprised when it was the focus of the article. I'd like to clear up a few things. First, Ben wasn't on meth. Second, I'm not of Mexican or Irish descent. Third, that look on my face is more "Really? More pictures? When he's crying?" not "I'm so stressed from having a kid." Again, we were surprised that those were the pics chosen. See the previous post for Tamara's pics (which are updated regularly).

Smokey! I haven't seen you online in months. You'll get pwned like a noob when you get back. Why are you avoiding me?
-The Baron

It's true, I haven't played video games with my friends for months. I only work out like once a week now. You can see how committed I am to the process.

What's going on? Ben and Will don't look anything alike. Are they similar in personality? You know, like you and Matt.

Not at all. Ben has moved around a lot, flailing his arms but holding on to anything, since he was born. He also didn't like his pacifier until recently. He takes forever to eat. His favorite things to do early on were stick his hand in your mouth while you're feeding him, want to play at 2am, and take an hour to eat four ounces. He also only poops once a day and it's a disaster. Will, on the other hand, likes to sleep, eat quickly, and squeeze onto your hand and fingers. We also feel bad because we sometimes forget that they're so different in age. Sometimes we expect Will to act like Ben when he's only two weeks old. Then we remember how good of a baby he is.

Yo! Clownster here. I hear you're only sleeping from 1-5:30 and complaining about it. Seriously? We have triplets and I hardly ever sleep. I also have a real job, not a "student". Quit your complaining and man up.

John, good to hear from you, too. People who know me know how much I love to get enough sleep and nap. These last weeks have been ridiculous. There's only one more to go until I'm done with finals. But it's worth it for the dudes. Hopefully Ben's sleeping through the night by the end of the winter break. The last week he's been sleeping 10-4 so we're hopeful.

Dad, What's up with all the pics and flashes? How do we get mom to stop? Anytime I'm awake there's a lens in my eye and a red light on my forehead before the sky explodes. You put us in the bouncy and force these awkward interactions on us. Why do you guys do this to us?
-Ben and Will

I know, I know. The pics are ridiculous. You think they'll go down, but they don't. I suggest two tactics. First, look at your grandpa's smile. If you start smiling like that people will stop asking to take your pic. Second, look at the look on my face in the article. You give mom enough of these looks and she'll get mad at you and give up. There are serious consequences later so don't do that often, but from time to time it's worth it. Otherwise, you grin (but not like you enjoy it) and bear it. One last thought. You guys throw up and poop on everything else in our house, consider doing that on the camera.