Wednesday, March 10, 2010

High Maintenance Babies

I know that this will not seem like a surprise to most because children take after their parents, in this case me, but my boys are totally high maintenance babies. They will only poop in clean diapers. Every time I change their wet diapers and I am thinking we are all good, then they poop....every time!!! Don't they know how much those diapers cost?:) But then they smile at me and I think to can do whatever you want, just don't tell you dad. J/K...but could you stay mad at these little faces?

Monday, March 1, 2010


Every time I take the boys out I get asked, "Twins?" To make things simple I just say, "Yes." In the beginning I would try to explain the situation and that was usually followed by confused looks and to many questions. As the boys are getting older it is becoming more obvious that they are not twins but that is what I am going with still.

When we decided to adopt both boys many people would ask, "Do you have any idea what you are getting yourself into?" That was followed by me saying, "nope, never done this before." I thought that I knew so much about being a mother but as things progress I am learning that I had no idea what I was in for. This past weekend both boys were very sick, very cranky, and Doug was busy with school and not around. Taking two sick boys to the doctors is hard enough but I was not prepared for the emotions that overwhelmed me. I kept asking myself: what if I am doing something wrong, what if I am not doing enough, when is the fever considered too high, and when do I need to take them to the emergency room.... I was a mess. At the end of the day, the boys survived and Doug made it home in time to go to bed.

I found myself asking can I really do this? Then I started thinking about all the amazing women in my life that have all done this. Like my aunt Robyn that had twins after already having a young boy. Then about my old roommate Julie that has twins as well and then another little boy. There is also another old roommate, Kacy that has twins and another little girl. Then I thought about my friend Catherine that actually had one child, twins, and then twins again. Lastly, my friend Bonnie that just had triplets. All of them are wonderful women that I look up to and although I might not be as great and patient as they are.... I realized that they were put into my life for many reasons. The most important was to show me that I could handle these two miracles that I call twins.

Here are some pictures that I am loving right now: