Thursday, July 29, 2010

Finck Family Reunion 2010

Another event that happened in June was the Finck Family reunion. This year I was in charge so we got a home on the beach in Venice Beach and we all had a great time.

We were on the beach everyday, of course.

Went for bike rides.

The men went surfing and boogie boarding.

Went shopping.

Ate very well.

Flexed muscles at Muscle Beach

The boys loved getting to meet and know their cousins.

The Finck Family is growing and grandma & grandpa are loving it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fun "Last" Activities

I have talked often about all the MBA activities that we all did together these last two years. Towards the end there became a lot of events that we kept calling "the last bash", "graduation party", or something along those lines. I am one that can never have enough parties to attend or plan but it was kind of funny how everything was "the last". Here are a couple examples (and this is just naming a few).

We had a family miniature golf night. It really turned into the men competing against one another and all the women standing back and helping the kids. We enjoyed pizza and ice cream after so it turned into a really fun night.

Then the Halladay’s hosted a BBQ/swim party. The wives were able to relax for about ten minutes before then men started doing canon balls that ended up with all the girls soaked and not such happy faces but it was to be expected, we all married kids at heart. My boys had a great time because of course they were in the pool with dad.

The night after graduation was my favorite activity of all. All the adults got together for a fun night of Jeopardy. The evening started off with the men all at the grill and then everyone enjoying a nice dinner outside. Then the games began. Doug put together and hosted the questions with three of the guys competing at once. The categories were all over the place from "name that bank" to "old school rap", to everyone’s favorite, "name that vampire". Congrats to Dave Larson for being the big winner of the night. After the game, Heather served us our own Ditty Reese Ice Cream Sandwiches. She made the cookies and ice cream herself and it was amazing. Then Karly out together a slide show of all our favorite memories, it was hard to fight back the tears.... we had some really great times. Then my favorite activity of the whole night was sitting around drinking our sparking cider while toasting all the guys and giving stories of our favorite memories. We promised to meet up every year for a reunion and I am holding everyone to that promise!!

Thanks for all the great memories; this was a great two years:)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Boys Sealing

As mentioned before, June has been a very busy, exciting, and emotional month. In my mind the one event that tops the list was having both Benjamin and William sealed to us in the LA Temple. On June 16th our little family was sealed for all time and eternity, what an amazing experience and blessing. We had so many close friends and family there to share this moment with us. Thanks to those that made such an effort to be there. As I sit here and write about the sealing I still get emotional and tear up to think about all the things that prepared us for this moment. Of course I had a hand full of tissues and used all of them while in the temple. They ended up just handing me the tissue box. I love the temple and what it represents. I love my family for preparing me for this experience. I love my husband for having the patience and understanding to take this journey with me. I love these two boys so much and I have no doubt that this was the Lords plan for me all along. I wished that you could see how adorable the boys looked in their white tuxes but the pictures, thanks to Karly, turned out great.