Thursday, November 11, 2010

USS Midway

We took the boys to San Diego and went with the family to tour the USS Midway. I have driven by the Aircraft so many times and have wanted to go in so I was so excited!! The boys loved being able to touch everything and Rob's kids like being able to explore. Some even got the chance to drive their own. I love how much more fun the boys get as they get older:)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Colton's Baptism

My nephew Colton was baptized recently and we were lucky enough to be there. I can't believe how fast all of these kids are growing up!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ben's First Haircut

Ben just got his first haircut and to me, he does not look like a little baby anymore. He is growing up so fast.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Welcome Home

We are thrilled that Doug's brother Peter came home from his mission this summer after serving two years in London. There was a lot of family here for his homecoming and Eric Bennion missed his Eric Sandwiches.

The boys were excited to finally meet their uncle. Speaking of my boys, look how cute they are!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

San Clemente 2010

Every August Doug's family has a family reunion in San Clemente, California and I look forward to it every year. I love how much fun the Bennion family is and getting to know my new family. This year was great for many reasons.

Doug's brother Peter was there just getting off his mission.

The boys love to play at the beach.

The boys loved to get to know their cousins, all of them were so great and helpful with both Ben and William.

Watching the boys of the family being silly.

Feeling like part of the family.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Griffith Park

Doug's brother Matt and Matt's wife Christa came for a visit this summer with their two adorable girls. We met up with them at Griffith Park and the boys had a blast.

We rode the train around

My favorite was when the boys were swinging in the park. Does it get any cuter then this?

Friday, October 1, 2010

4th Of July 2010

I know, I know....I am WAY late at posting and I am just getting to posting about the 4th of July but we sure had a great time!! We went to San Diego to hang with Rob and his family so of course we went swimming and had a BBQ Finck style.

I had to dress the boys up in 4th of July attire and we were off to the San Diego Fair. Robert spent the whole day with the animals so we stopped by to say hello and we learned that Ben loves all animals including goats.

We all ate great fair food.

The kids had a blast riding the rides.

Ben continued his love for his brother and his uncle Rob.

To end a perfect day the kids played with sparklers because we were just to tired to drive to see the big show. I much rather see the kids laughing then sit in traffic anyway.

I love spending the holidays with family.

Monday, September 27, 2010

One Weekend of Many....

This summer we spent a lot of weekends with my brothers family in San Diego. They have a beautiful swimming pool and the boys are little water babies and loved swimming with their cousins. William loves getting attention from his aunt Hailey.

This visit we decided to meet up with the Burnett's Downtown for the day. We started the day off at the San Diego Zoo. The boys favorite was being able to crawl around the animals statues, my favorite was seeing how excited they got.

We then went to Old Town for some lunch and of course went to the little candy shop. The Mormon Ballalion has a new museum so we wanted to check that out as well. We were very impressed with how well of a job they did. The story/show was great and there were a lot of things for the kids to do.

We topped the day off in the Gas Light District walking around and tasting some of the best Ghirardelli Chocolate ever.

Another great day in Southern California!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello Goodbye

I love surprise visits so when we got a call from some of our favorite cousins that they were stopping by we could not have been more excited. Doug's cousin Curtis and his wife Tamara (yes, her name is Tamara Hall how cool is that) stopped by on their way to San Diego. The boys could not have been be happier.

Also, we had a BBQ to say goodbye to the Larson and wished them the best of luck in NYC (I am secretly jealous that they will be living in NYC).

I forgot to mention

I forgot to mention that on Doug's birthday we went to the Dodgers Game and thanks to Papa Hall, this is what came up on the screen.

I wanted to prove that we are still cool and hip so we rode Doug's motorcycle to the game and I have to admit that I was scared the whole time but it was a GREAT night!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Summer Birthdays

Doug and I both share June Birthdays so I think that June is the most important month of the year!! This year with so much going on in June we decided to keep things simple and to just go away for a night. Doug's mom Katie was nice enough to watch the kids for the night so we went to Long Beach and got a hotel. It was very relaxing and I had a great time laying out by the pool. They have remodeled Long Beach and it was beautiful. My favorite was the light house and walking along the water. Our friends, Melissa and Adam came and met us for dinner Greek style. I am always a sucker for some good humas and we know we picked the right place for the men because there was a lot of meat. We did not want the night to end so we went to see the movie "The A Team" which I was surprised how good it was.

On my actual birthday a bunch of my girlfriends kidnapped me at seven thirty in the morning and took me out for breakfast. Doug was suppose to "prepare" me but somehow I was at breakfast with wet hair and no makeup or bra on. Thanks ladies, it was a blast. Also, my friend Heather and Cassie took me out for High Tea. We had a wonderful afternoon.

I know that I am way behind on blogging but I hate to skip over everything that happened this summer and I really hate a long post so I will try to update sooner then ever three months:) To go along with the theme of birthdays...while I was house sitting for my boss (it was great, like staying at a resort) we had a birthday party for my friend Heather. The boys loved all of their friends over to play and we all enjoyed laying out by the pool.