Saturday, June 26, 2010

So Proud Of My Man

As I had mentioned, June 11th was a big day in our home. After two years of hard work, lack of playing Halo, and many late nights.... The Douglas Leonard Hall graduated with his MBA from UCLA. These two years have gone by so fast and for the most part, we have enjoyed every minute. When Doug first told me that he was going to attend UCLA and we would be leaving NYC I did not hide my disappointment, I was not ready to leave the city. I should have known that Doug knew best because moving here has changed our lives. For all the smack I talked about California, it has really grown on me. The weather is amazing, we are five minutes from the beach, we have made amazing friends, we have gotten to see my family more often, and I have built a wonderful relationship with Doug's family.

We are all so proud of Doug for his accomplishments. He is such an amazing brilliant man and I can't forget to mention how smoking hot he is. He has been an incredible husband and such an excellent father to both boys. We have watched him work so hard and do his best from his group projects to finding a job.

The ceremony was very nice and the boys handled the three hours beautifully. Doug made fun of their outfits but everyone else could not get enough of them. Doug looked so confident walking up there to get his degree and you could tell that he was also relieved for all of it to be over but his thoughts were on what he was going to do next.

We had a perfect ending to a perfect day. Bruce and Katie took us out to dinner to congratulate Doug. I have to mention that we were also celebrating Doug's birthday from earlier that week. He turned 30 this month and is becoming quite the man!!

Our Little Angels Court Date

June 11th was a big day in our home; William’s adoption became final!! Katie came over early and all five of us headed downtown to family court. The boys were on their best behavior and full of excited. Of course William was so excited that he fell asleep in my arms and missed it when the judge signed the papers and it became official and of course I started to cry. The clerk gave the boys some teddy bears and Ben could hardly stand it.... he screamed out loud about his new friend and has continue talking to him ever sense. What a relief to have both boys adoption final, I love my little family so much.