Sunday, April 26, 2009

Exciting Week

Last week the Halls were back to their exciting life. It started off, thanks to Papa Hall, with Doug and I going to a Clippers game. Even if they did lose by 40 points, it was still fun to go to the last game of the season and sit in great seats.

The next night, one of my dreams came true thanks again to Papa Hall. He got us floor seats to go see Bruce Springsteen in concert!!! It amazes me that he is 59 years old and still rocking it and looking good. Bruce ran around stage and was completely entertaining in jeans and his guitar. An unexpected guest, Social Distortion came and sang a couple songs with him. That is when Doug finally got excited. He sang Thunder Roads and I was in heaven.

Then the next day we went to a Dodgers game with the Larson's. This was our way of saying happy Birthday to David Sr. It was a great day, we had great seats, and got to see five home runs. It was my first time having a Dodgers Dog and I was not disapointed.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


We had an Enrichment Activity last week that I really wanted to share, it was such a great one and all based on service. Sisters in the ward signed up to contribute services that they had to offer like babysitting, baking, photography, dinners, etc. Then at the activity the sisters that were there had a form to fill out that gave them points like, have you cooked or babysat for anyone in the ward, have you picked anyone up from the airport, have you helped the missionaries, etc. The more service you did, the more points that you earned. Then we had an auction using the points that we had. We had paddles for the sisters and everything, there was nothing that the committee forgot, everything looked amazing. It was so fun to see all the talents that we have in our ward and to see more friendships build within the Relief Society. I just thought that it was a great idea and I think that all of you should steal it for your ward.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Time

Last week was Easter and it made us stop to ponder about many things in our lives. Last year at this time we were living in NY, expecting a baby, and Doug was just "talking" about moving to California. We had our NY family over for dinner and life was good. At that point I was in a very happy place and thanking the lord for all of our many blessings.

Forward to now and we are still thanking the Lord for everything that we have been blessed with. Doug got into a great school and we were able to have Easter dinner with friends and Doug's amazing family. As many people know, we had to terminate our pregnancy because the baby was growing in my tubes and was unable to grow. We are now in the process of adopting and just got approved on our home visit, this is a happy day. We are now just waiting for our background check to go through and we will be officially approved. We can't wait to have a little one bless us ever more.

In preparing for Easter this year, we had little David over to color Easter Eggs

Then went to Heather's place to make Easter Candy. These are the chocolate and coconut nest that we made for decoration.

Still good to know that Easter in 2009 for the Halls is still all good.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Instant Girlfriend

When Doug and I started dating in NYC, Doug's roommate at the time was Bill Edwards. Bill now lives in LA as well so we finally met up with him for lunch last week. We talked about the "good old days", meaning while Doug and Bill were dating. These two guys went everywhere together and were once told that they were basically the same guy. If one was asked to dinner on Sunday (which was every Sunday...look at these hotties) it was just known that the other would follow. Doug is very proud of the fact that he had great Sunday meals every week but never had to cook. When Doug asked me out for our first date, it was only fit that the following question was, can Bill come as well? Our date was a day at the beach so we invited Mala as well and off we went. A day of just hanging out turned into the wonderful marriage that Doug and I have now. Bill gave me the nickname of Instant Girlfriend because we all went from hanging out at the beach that morning to me being Doug's girlfriend by the next night. Lets just say that Doug and I knew we were meant for each other right away. Bill admits to being sad that it meant his and Doug's relationship had to come to an end but he knew that one day he was going to have to let go. It was so great to see Bill, he is one in a million (that is for all you single girls out there because yes, he is still single.)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sayer Visit

My sister, Angela and her husband Eric and two kids Luke and Brie, came to visit us last week during spring break. They kept little Westen at home:(

We had a great time taking Brie to Disney Land for her Birthday. She had lunch with the Princesses and Luke was able to get "The Force" from the Jedi Training School. This was a good day.

We also took the kids to the beach for the first time, ever!!! It was so fun to see their excitement and it did not take to much convincing to get uncle Doug is the freezing cold water.

We then went to Robert's ranch for the weekend so that all the cousins could play together. We did the normal, rode motorcycles, rode horses, the kids road goats and milked them, and enjoyed all of Hailey's amazing cooking.

I was sad to see them go. Week's like this make you remember how important and specials families really are. I can't wait for the day when we have children of our own to share all these experiences with.

To check out all the pictures from the trip click here.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Youngest Recruit

Doug has been a little stressed with school and finals so a couple weeks ago he got online with a bunch of his buddies in NYC to play Halo for about six hours. Our neighbors came over to visit because they could not believe that he could actually play that long and Doug recruiting the youngest player. It is sad to say that little David plays better then I do.

Black, White, and Red

We were having a Visiting Teaching Conference in our ward and the presidency had a black, white, and red theme going on. I was in charge of snacks so this is what I came up with.

I forgot how much I LOVED chocolate covered strawberries...they were SO good!!!

New York Weekend in the OC

A couple weekends ago we were able to go visit a bunch of our friends in the OC that used to or live in NYC.

The Kelley's and the Harrell's met us at the one and only In-N-Out. They were in California for a wedding and it was great to see them for a short time. Cameron and I worked at Homestead together and all of us knew each other from the singles ward in NY.

We went to see my old roommate Katie Luther and her family. It is sad that she lives so close but we never see each other.

We also visited with the Franklin's. They took us to Laguana Beach and an all you can eat brunch buffet. The beach was beautiful and as always we had a great time with the Franklins.