Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'll take two

Big Ben (I'll try a few nicknames and judge what we use by the reader response but some of them are intentionally lame and I'll ignore any further recommendations you make) got out of the hospital yesterday. He and Tamara are at her aunt and uncle's in Pleasant Grove. Tamara's also update the link with the pictures at least every other day so feel free to check out the new pics. She said li'l bizzle now gets annoyed when he sees the camera, not just when the flash comes on, so I asked her to tone it down a little bit for his long term health. Apparently aversion to taking inordinate amounts of pictures are genetic.
Many of you will be familiar with the We Ain't Scared Tour 2003 featuring D'nasty, Pound Fi'ty, and Wolverine. There were several themes and phrases that really made the tour epic. One of those was, I'll take two. Perhaps you need an example. While drooling over the McLaren F1 and finding out the price tag was only $1MM, you would here "I'll take two!" When being offered a small dessert by a foodserer disgusted by the amount of food you've eaten at their all you can eat buffet you might here "I'll take two," over and over and over again. Another one of the phrases was I ain't scared. When jumping off perilous cliffs where a few feet in either direction would mean broken bones the proper response is "I ain't scared." If you arrive in a town at midnight looking for a place and someone offers you one and leads you down an alley to her house you reply "I ain't scared." I think you get the idea. When the opportunity came up to adopt Benno, these were the two lines that popped into my head. Probably because, just like the tour, we had no idea what we were getting in to. So far, Bennoi has been a trooper and really responded to us. After the papers were signed and we were visiting with B-jammin alone for the first time after two days, the nurses told us Benno hadn't been eating and if he didn't start they'd have to insert a feeding tube. After hanging out for half an hour we gave him a blessing and five minutes later he took down half a bottle and continues to eat like champion. Beno responded way more to Tamara than any of the nurses and they made comments on how quickly he knew who his mom was. Benny and mom should be home in about a week which means I have a lot of work to get the room ready for Jam. Anyway, take care and if you have any recommendations for nicknames for Benjo let me know.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Benjamin Ellis Hall

Friday morning we headed to the hospital as the mother was being induced. Tamara was in the room with her and I went in for a little bit while all the meds were kicking in. The mother says, I think he's crowning but I'm only four centimeters dilated. Then she had a big contraction and started making some labor pains/noises so I was out. She didn't want me in there for the birth and I didn't particularly want to be there. As I was told by Tamara, the nurse came in and said you're not having the baby yet. She decides she wants to take a nap but the doctor came in and said, "You're having this baby." So, one push later, the baby was out. It was about half an hour after I left the room. This is her third child and she told us with the second child she did one push, the doctor told her to hold on for a sec, she sneezed and the baby came out. Apparently labors aren't terribly difficult for her.
Benjamin Ellis Hall was five pounds five ounces and 18 inches long. He's healthy and happy. He grabbed my finger at one point and wouldn't let go. I didn't think he was awake so it was pretty cool. Here are a link to the pics. We'll have more posted on Sunday night.
We're really happy and feel very blessed.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quick Update

This will be quick and sans picture for now. A few days ago we received a call from one of the agencies we were working with about a mother who was due next week on Saturday. Wednesday afternoon we found out she would be induced on Friday, as in today. So I'm sitting in the waiting room while Tamara is in the delivery room. The mother, Heather, was induced around 7:30 so we should have updates later today. We met the parents last night for the first time after quickly arranging a trip to Utah. In case you're wondering, I-15 is still under construction in the exact same spots as when I left over five years ago. Anyway, more updates to follow.