Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Perfect Match

Life has a funny way of working out. When we started the adoption process we knew that there was a good chance of the children not looking like us and we were fine with that. Doug and I look like opposites so we figured our children would as well. We also never thought that we would get two boys at the same time but we all know how well that turned out. But for thinking that our children would be so different from us, we sure ended up with the opposite. These boys could not look or act more like the two of us.


William looks at acts just like Doug. William wants to sleep all day, like Doug, and most of the time wants to just be left alone to do his own thing. He never cries unless he is hungry or tired. He has big beautiful brown eyes and a darker complexion. Doug is on the left, William on the right. They have the same eyes, nose, and ears.

Then there is Benjamin. As much as we love him he is no angel. He wants to get into everything and demands every ones attention. He won't sleep because he is afraid of missing out on something fun, he is very social and talks all the time. His smile will brighten your day but he will ware you out. With his blue eyes and blond hair he sure looks something like I did.

Monday, April 19, 2010


You may have be thinking, sweet, the Halls live by Beverley Hills and we're going to hear about Rodeo Drive. Not quite. Yesterday we drove beyond the regions of the 909 to Hesperia where our niece and nephew Sage and Colton were in a rodeo. This may be a shocker, but their dad is Tamara's brother Rob in the post before this one (see pic). For the regular readers, Rob's ranch is where I went branding and enjoyed my first Rocky Mountain oysters.
Anyway, we drove on up to the park and made pretty decent time. We looked for Rob's white pickup and the trailer. That tactic would have worked if every truck didn't have a trailer and half of them weren't white. Once we found them, we settled in and tried to get the boys changed and fed. With all the horses and goats around, Will's dirty diaper actually improved the scent in the area. To give this perspective, a couple weeks ago one of Will's bombs made my mom leave the apartment and Ben cry. Sage and Colton performed well but given it was their first rodeo on the California circuit they didn't perform as well as they hoped. They both did pole bending and goat tying and Sage did the barrel race as well. They chalked it up to a learning experience. I don't know if Rob was happy with the price of learning, but what are you going to do?
Some other notable things from the trip. Will might have slept for over 22 hours yesterday. And today. We hope he's going through a growth spurt, though if he does he'll be about 33% bigger than Ben. Ben started making clicking sounds with his tongue and spends the majority of his waking hours doing that. Speaking of, Ben developed a serious aversion to sleeping. We're hoping it's just a phase but it's one of our least favorite of his phases. Tamara promises she'll post pics and videos shortly.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What are you going to wear?

Yes, that is Bon Jovi and yes, we were that close!! I will get to that in a minute but first I have to tell a story leading up to the concert.

I got two tickets from Papa Hall for Christmas to go see the Bon Jovi concert.... I was so excited. After Doug laughed at me during the last Bon Jovi concert for being so excited I decided that he was not worthy to come to this concert with me. I asked my older brother Robert because back in the day we used to rock out to Bon Jovi in the car. The last concert that Robert and I went to together was Pink Floyd and that was going to be hard to top.

The week of the concert Robert called and asked me what I was going to wear. First, that was strange coming from Robert and second, I realized that I had not even thought about what I was going to wear. Back in the day this would have been the most important question and Robert must have remembered me trying on about five different outfits for the last concert. Then I thought about the four other Bon Jovi concerts that I had been to and most of the time I was wearing black leather pants and some party blouse. I realized that I had officially become a mother of twins. I was more concerned about getting them ready then getting myself ready. Times have changed but I am so grateful. Although it is still important to be yourself and remember to take some time to have fun, I much rather be admiring how cute my boys are then how good I look in those tight pants:)

And....the concert rocked!!! They played for about two hours and still were the bomb. I noticed that John had retired his leather pants as well. I danced the whole time and made sure to scream really loud. My brother even sang the songs he knew with me (this is also a big deal). They played Living on a Prayer last and I lost my voice singing along. It was a night to remember and it made me realize that I am one lucky lady!!!