Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Cassie and Melissa

I am a little late on this but Happy Birthday fellow MBA Wives, Cassie and Melissa.

We celebrated the weekend right by getting Mani-Pedi's

Then having lunch at Century City Mall. We enjoyed lunch, the outside fireplace, live music, and of course dessert after wards.

The next day was the celebration with everyone. I was able to finally have an excuse to make Bakerella's mini cake cupcakes. They are SO good and So adorable.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Appreciation #19

My appreciation this month goes out to the Orton's. I first met the Orton's when Eric was in the bishopric of the singles ward that I was attending in NYC. We got to know Eric and his wife, Emily more after Doug and I were married and Doug served in the bishopric with then Bishop Eric Orton. Eric and Emily are one of those couples that you always find yourself asking, "how do they possibly do so much and always make it look so easy?" They are by far one of the strongest couples that I know. They have five beautiful children, home school their kids, attend every church activity, do service for both the family and singles wards, and are the best of friends to everyone. When we had to pick another couple to write a reference letter for Doug and I to adopt they were one of the first couples that came to mind. I will always be grateful that they put so much time into the letter. We miss spending time with the Orton's and secretly hope that they move to California but we are so happy that we have continued to keep in touch:)

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I have been trying to get up to date on my editing so I am finally at editing my families reunion back in August when we were in Island Park, Idaho. We did a talent night with the kids and I just had to show some of the things that they did and show why I love these kids so much:)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Month of February

Yes, it has been a while since I have written anything on the blog, life has changed around here. February has been a great month so I will just keep it short and write the highlights.

1- Doug and I celebrated our three year anniversary of being married. We celebrated by Doug going to a Clippers Game with his father.

2- We went to Disney Land again and Doug said that it counted as part of our Anniversary. We once again had a marvelous time and I love Mickey but not the Tower of Terror.

3- My new position at work is going great. I even have time to join a gym and go to spin class as often as possible. Doug still claims that he can kick my butt on a bike ride but he wont take my challenge of coming to spin class with me.

4- The adoption process in still going on. We are patiently waiting for a little bundle of joy to bless our family. The waiting process is hard because I feel like a part of me is missing and just aching for a child but it will happen when it is meant to happen.

5- I still have regular girls nights out with the MBA Wives Club. We run together, bake together, and go see movies. It is always a good time.

6- I got released from Nursery today (don't worry, Doug is still in there) to be in the Relief Society Presidency. I am the Enrichment Counselor and very excited. I love to plan activities so it is a perfect fit.

7- Doug has had some insightful interviews with the bank UBS and we are praying very hard that he gets a New York interview. I think once they meet him in person there is no question that they will be begging Doug to take the internship.

8- We did celebrate Valentines Day together this year and I even got a signed card from Doug...I will treasure it always.

9- DTtransfer is keeping me very busy so not only do I work all day, I get the joy of working all night as well. Mama is bringing home the bacon.

10- We have gotten to play a lot with Doug's family (fancy dinners, more Clippers games, movies). It has been a real joy and a blessing living close to them.

That is it, my top 10 favorites things in February, I will try to be better about this whole blogging thing. Don't worry, I have been just as bad on Facebook.