Sunday, March 27, 2011


As I've documented here and on Facebook, Will's new trick is his ability to poop only in a bathtub. He's like 4/7 this week. Like most of their tricks, we hope he stops doing this in about a week. Ben's new trick is a little funnier. When I get ready to walk out the door, he gives Tamara a kiss and then grabs my hand to walk out with me.
We saw limitless this weekend and it's an interesting movie because you think about what you would do with a sweet gift like being able to focus 100% all the time, instant recall of everything you've been exposed to, and the clarity to connect dots nobody else can. Spoiler alert. However, the movie fails pretty hard with that. Seriously, the best you can come up with is to be an investment banker for a couple months because he needs to raise funds and then be a politician. They show him gambling and daytrading where he makes 166X his money in two weeks to go from $12K to $2M. Yet somehow he decides being an ibanker for a couple months is the quickest way to raise funds? Not trading or gambling for a few more days? Then we're supposed to believe because he can think like no one else he become a politician? No curing cancer? Solving global warming (if it exists)? Developing systems to forecast natural disasters? Brokering peace in the middle east? It's kind of like Benjamin Button where he has this amazing stroke of luck and he can't come up with anything worthwhile to do with his life? This is sad for a few reasons. First, the creativity of the people who wrote these is weak. Second, the writers glorify what these guys did meaning they think that little of us or we really do glorify it and we are that lame. Third, the writers left ginormous gaps that they think we're stupid enough to not recognize. Whatever, it's just a movie but I thought it could have been really good and fell really short. But what would you do if you had that power? It's probably hard to know because it's been a while since I really thought I could do anything I wanted to. Let alone quickly. I'd probably work on things like curing cancer, increasing crop yield, water purification, and alternative energies. For fairly obvious reasons everyone would benefit and it would really improve the lives of the poorest people. If you have any ideas (especially you Jake because you might be the only one who still has us in their RSS feed) feel free to share.


Karyna said...

No ideas here. Just wanted to share that we too were extremely disappointed with what coulda been an awesome movie...and ur still in our feeds :)

Marci said...

Uhm, I still have you on my RSS feed! I totally related to your "it's been awhile since I really thought I could do anything I wanted to" statement. I'm sorry to hear about Will's new trick. Here's to hoping it's a short stint.

Side of Jeffrey said...

If I had that power, I would write a movie called "limitless" about a guy who has my power, but the movie wouldn't suck and have plot holes and stupid crap in it that makes it dumb.

KatieDid said...

so glad to see you blogging again, and you're right about the movie, great possibilities, but missed the boat.
Go Ben, don't go Will!

KatieDid said...

more pics next time :)