Thursday, March 24, 2011


So, we haven't blogged since November (and it was fairly weak before then) but I'm starting a writing project so I'm going to start blogging again as well. I could go through and update you on everything that happened over the last several months, but that'd take too long and be boring. If you want, you can email us and ask. I'll just give some of the most recent highlights. Ben started going to nursery and Will follows shortly. Will finally started walking after teasing for several months. While Ben like taking off his diaper under his pajamas to spread his poop all over himself, Will prefers pooping during bath time. Tamara threw out her back and has vowed to stop picking up the boys by bending at the waist. Matt and I are going to apply to the Amazing Race. We got a new minivan, much to Tamara's joy. Go team Odyssey!

Before I get going too strong, I'll end on this. I, and maybe Tamara, will be back blogging. Stay tuned.


Turbo said...


Laura Earl said...

nice I have been eying the odyssey for quite some time now :) Love it!

Natasha said...

Hey you guys! Just checking you all out & thought I would share that a friend of mine uses a rake to collect the toys on the floor to protect her bad back. I thought it was genius!

Take care!